UPS Driver Caught on Camera Taking Dance Break While Dropping off Packages

The internet is full of videos showing package delivery drivers carelessly chucking boxes onto people's front lawns and rogue thieves scooping up other people's mail in broad daylight only to discover it's actually just a glitter-filled decoy. Fortunately, it also occasionally delivers a delightful delivery-related palate cleanser -- like this recently caught-on-tape moment in which a UPS delivery man performed an impromptu dance routine for the security camera on someone's front porch.

While on his delivery route in Russiaville, Indiana earlier this week, UPS Driver Jimbo Rayl was dropping off a stack of packages on Bethany Auth's front porch when he spotted a security camera pointed at the doorway. Since he's likely familiar with the fact that these exceedingly popular smart home devices are motion activated, he decided to have some fun with whoever was watching. That's when he stepped back, turned his hat sideways, and started dancing. And even though his moves were, shall we say, amateur-ish, the whole clip (posted above) is nonetheless entertaining, and a good reminder to find fun in your work, no matter what it is you do. Auth and her husband got quite the kick out of it, too.

"Our UPS driver, Jimbo, was delivering packages while we were out finishing Christmas shopping. I received a notification on my phone that someone was at the house. I open it to see our UPS driver dropping packages off and dancing! All my husband and I could do was laugh," Auth wrote, according to ViralHog.

So here's to you, Jimbo, for showing us all how it's done.

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