These Are the Cities Where a $100,000 Salary Goes the Furthest

A new study shows that a six-figure income goes much further in some cities than others.

For everyone who fantasizes about making $100,000 a year (me) and is pretty convinced it would solve at least 85% of your problems (me), that apparently isn't true. And it isn't because money can't buy happiness (it can), it is because these days $100,000 doesn't stretch as far as it used to, especially in some cities. A new study from SmartAsset shows where $100,000 actually feels like the large amount of money that it is.

SmartAsset analyzed after-tax income in the 76 largest cities in the US, and factored in cost of living, to determine where $100,000 goes the furthest. The chart below highlights the 25 cities where $100,000 goes the furthest.

The six-figure salary is coziest in Memphis where, after a low cost of living and taxes, that money amounts to $86,444. Meanwhile in New York City, $100,000 amounts to $35,791 after taxes and the heightened cost of living. Many cities in Texas are among the top 10, as the state does not have income tax and there is generally a low cost of living. You can see a detailed list below.

You can look at the complete study at

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