These US Cities Have the Highest-Paying Jobs


Sure, money isn't the most important thing in the world. But you have to live somewhere and making a lot of money is definitely more fun than not making a lot of money. So why not choose one of the best places in America when it comes to salaries?

Business Insider recently looked at the 100 most populous US cities and ranked them according to residents' median annual salaries, with the resulting top 20 list showing that, quite expectedly, the real money-makers live in California's Bay Area.

In the heart of the Silicon Valley, San Jose took the top spot overall, while the tech capitol of San Francisco came in second. But no. 3, Washington DC, has almost nothing to do with tech and innovation, but plenty to do with policy and gridlock. Complaining about all those politicians in Washington making the big bucks is not totally unjustified, it seems.

Check out the top 20 cities and the median salary for each city below. The moral of the story is -- move to California. You know, if you can afford it.

20 US Cities With the Highest Paying Jobs

20. Santa Rosa, California - $49,800
19. Chicago, Illinois - $50,410
18. Portland, Oregon - $50,710
17. Houston, Texas - $50,830
16. Worcester, Massachusetts - $51,330
15. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - $51,740
14. Sacramento, California - $51,970
13. Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota - $52,080
12. Baltimore, Maryland - $52,460
11. Los Angeles, California - $53,000
10. San Diego, California - $53,020
9. Denver, Colorado - $53,060
8. New Haven, Connecticut - $53,350
7. Hartford, Connecticut - $55,580
6. Seattle, Washington - $57,370
5. New York City, New York - $59,060
4. Boston, Massachusetts - $60,540
3. Washington, DC - $64,930
2. San Francisco, California - $64,990
1.San Jose, California - $75,770

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Kara King is a News Writer at Thrillist and left California for the number five city. Send news tips to and follow her at @karatillie.