PyeongChang 2018

The US Olympic Ski Team Is Competing in Superhero Suits

Olympic skiers virtually fly down mountains and through the air, rendering them the closest thing to superheroes at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. America has heeded the fact that both skiers and comic book heroes wear the same armor, because the US Olympic Ski Team has outfitted its athletes in superhero suits for this year's games. 

As a wise Tumblr teen once said, not all skiers wear capes...or something. 

The team is entering competition in Marvel-themed attire. Male competitors are wearing suits inspired by Captain America, while female members are donning Captain Marvel uniforms. They look like they'll make skiers go fast:

The superhero look is a collaboration between Marvel and Spyder, the Olympic team's official supplier. The American team debuted the body-tight apparel at the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in St. Moritz, Switzerland, last year, although considerably less people watched that event, because it wasn't the Olympics. So consider this week their official coming out party, when people other than alpine skiing experts are yelling at the TV for men in spandex to ski faster. 

Alpine Skiing at the Olympics begins on Monday, February 12 and lasts until Saturday, the 24th. When it's over, you'll have ample reason to believe in or refute superhero powers, based on Team USA's performance. 

[h/t Daily Dot]

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