Here's What's Next for the USWNT After its Stunning Defeat in the Olympics Opener

There's still plenty of soccer ahead for the US Women's National Soccer Team.


The US Women's National Soccer Team (USWNT) 44-game winning streak came to a devastating end in the Olympic Opener on Wednesday. The reigning world champs lost to Sweden 3-0, but despite a tough finish, the team isn't leaving Tokyo just yet. In fact, they've still got a shot at gold despite the early flub. 

Here's what's next for the USWNT and women's soccer. 

When will the USWNT play again? 

The USWNT will return to the field on Saturday, July 24, to play against New Zealand for a chance at redemption. 

Could they still medal? 

Yes! The tournament, which features 12 teams in total, is broken up into three groups of four—with the USWNT in group G, USA Today reports.

Teams will snag three points per win, one point per tie, and zero points for a loss. The top two will automatically advance to the quarterfinals while the two best third-place teams will also score a spot.

Though the USWNT's loss to Sweden might've been a confidence blow, it's far from over. 

How do I watch?

You can stream USWNT games on Peacock,, NBC Sports, and YouTube TV. Olympic soccer matches will also air directly on USA Network and NBCSN.

What's the USWNT match schedule? 

  • Game 2 vs. New Zealand: Saturday, July 24, at 7:30 am EST (available on on NBCSN)
  • Game 3 vs. Australia: Tuesday, July 27, at 4 am EST (available on USA Network)

What's the women's soccer schedule? 

Saturday, July 24

  • Chile vs. Canada at 3:30 am EST (available on Telemundo) 
  • China vs. Zambia at 4 am EST (network not announced yet)
  • Sweden vs. Australia at 4:30 am EST (available on NBCSN) 
  • Japan vs. Great Britain at 6:30 am EST (network not announced yet)
  • Netherlands vs. Brazil at 7 am EST (available on Universo) 
  • New Zealand vs. USA at 7:30 am EST (available on NBCSN) 

Tuesday, July 27

  • New Zealand vs. Sweden at 4 am EST (network not announced yet)
  • USA vs. Australia at 4 am EST (available on USA Network and Telemundo) 
  • Chile vs. Japan at 7 am EST (available on Universo) 
  • Canada vs. Great Britain at 7 am EST (network not announced yet) 
  • Netherlands vs. China at 7:30 am EST (network not announced yet)
  • Brazil vs. Zambia at 7:30 am EST (available on Telemundo) 

Friday, July 30 

  • Quarterfinal match at 4 am EST (available on NBCSN) 
  • Quarterfinal match at 5 am EST (available on NBCSN) 
  • Quarterfinal match at 6 am EST (available on NBCSN)
  • Quarterfinal match at 7 am EST (available on NBCSN)  

Monday, August 2

  • Semifinals match at 4 am EST (available on USA) 
  • Semifinals match at 7 am EST (available on USA) 

Thursday, August 5 

  • Bronze medal match at 4 am EST (available on NBC)

Thursday, August 5 

  • Gold medal match at 10 pm EST (available on NBC)

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.