Utz & Grillo's Pickles Are Collaborating on Pickle Chips

Utz is bringing the chips, and Grillo's is bringing the pickles.

utz grillo's pickle chips
Photo courtesy of Utz

Build a March Madness bracket that could include pickles, and they are going to come out on top. Best thing soaked in vinegar? Pickles. Best thing that comes in a jar? Pickles. Best alternative Valentine’s Day bouquet? Pickles. Best possible afterlife for a cucumber? Pickles. They’re undefeated.

Best chip flavor, though? That’s a little trickier. You could argue that the pickle chip has not been perfected in the way that, say, salt and vinegar or sour cream and onion have. Certainly, pickle-flavored chips have existed before now, but combining Utz and Grillo’s Pickles is a bit like calling in a ringer. Pickles really want to stay undefeated.

On April 4, Grillo’s and Utz announced they’re launching a new bag of Utz chips using the dill magic of Grillo’s. They’re chips, so they’re going to come in a bag and a couple of sizes, but the important bit is that you can get them now.

It might be worth grabbing a bag to decide how they fare against other pickle chip contenders from familiar names like Dorito's, Pringles, Vlasic, Lay's, and others. (Ok, a lot of the ones that made headlines aren't available anymore or hard to track down, which probably tells the whole story on how hard making the gold standard in pickle chips has been.)

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