Every Woman Should Try Vagina Weightlifting

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Apparently, if you practice lifting weights with your vagina, you'll be able to ejaculate across the room. Sounds like a pretty cool party trick.

Barcroft TV recently produced a video on the benefits of vagina weightlifting, which follows Kim Anami, an intimacy coach and longtime vagina weightlifter. Anami recommends that all women start strengthening their pelvic floor, promising the "best sex of your life," and that thing about ejaculating across the room. In addition, she claims that some of her clients found that lines in their face were erased after they started vagina lifting. Not quite clear how those things are connected. But it is a claim.

A gynecologist also weighs in on the topic (pun intended) and backs up some of Anami's claims, especially the one about sex being way more amazing when you've got strong vaginal muscles. Most importantly, he points out that the practice empowers women by helping them see the power of their vagina.

If you decide to start lifting, be careful with your newfound strength. Anami says that she heard about a woman who put "three men in the hospital." Ouch.

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