Everywhere You Can Get Free and Super-Cheap Food for Valentine's Day

free food Valentine's Day
Papa John's

Whether you love it or think it's a "Hallmark holiday," are alone or spend it doling out a grotesque amount of PDA, there's pretty much only one thing everyone can agree on about Valentine's Day. The deals for free food are wonderful.

Loads of restaurants offer free and discounted food in celebration of Cupid's one day of work for the year. Here's our running list of major chains where you'll find deals:

Free Food

The deal:
 The mobile shopping app wants to set you up with a free(-ish) glass of champagne. Starting at midnight on Valentine's Day, log into the app and tap the "Champagne Toast" button. Have a glass of champagne anywhere you'd like, snap a pic of the receipt, and the app will give you a free $5 coupon to spend on whatever you'd like. (You get $5 whether the glass is $2 or $30.)
When: February 14

Chuck E. Cheese
The deal:
 Drop into the mouse house and get a free brownie square. That's it. No other purchase required. It's just a brownie, but it's a free brownie.
When: February 12 through 14, 6-8pm

The deal:
 Bring a photo of your ex into Hooters, put it through a shredder (yeah, that's real), and you'll get 10 free boneless wings with an order of 10 wings. (There's also an option to "shred" the photo online and get a coupon for takeout.)
When: February 14

McAlister’s Deli
The deal:
With the purchase of an adult meal, diners get up to two free kid's meals. Additionally, if you have the McAlister's app, you'll be landing a complimentary tea and a sweet treat in your account around Valentine's Day. That's in celebration of the deli's new rewards program.
When: February 14

Potbelly Sandwich Shop
The deal:
 Members of the sandwich shop's Potbelly Perks club get a buy-one-get-one deal on cookies through the app.
When: February 14

Firehouse Subs
The deal:
 Get a meal and you'll land a free cookie or brownie in honor of love. All you have to do is show this coupon.
When: February 14

Auntie Anne's
The deal: The pretzel shop you associate with malls and airports is offering a buy-one-get-one deal on original and cinnamon sugar heart-shaped pretzels. Download the app before February 13 at 12pm ET to get the deal, which is only available on the app.
When: February 14

Area Four Pizza
The deal: 
Buy a bottle of wine, large cocktail, or 6oz growler and get a free mystery pizza. There are only locations in the Boston area, but a bottle of wine and pizza sounds like a solid Valentine's evening.
When: Throughout February

The deal: This quick-serve chain will give you a free entree if you buy an entree AND share a kiss with someone or something -- anything from your significant other or your hand or a picture of a celebrity (that one's kind of creepy), according to a press release. 
When: February 14

Free Food Valentine's Day

Discounted Food

California Pizza Kitchen
The deal:
  Grab a "sweet deal for two" at CPK. It's an appetizer, two entrées, and a dessert for $35. Share a pic from the chain and you might win a $100 gift card. 
When: February 14-18

Baskin Robbins
The deal:
 Get $3 off an ice cream cake that costs $15 or more. Grab the coupon here or use the code "CAKE" if you're ordering online. 
When: Through February 18

Other Valentine's Day Deals

Amazon/Whole Foods
The deal:
 Whole Foods' Whole Trade certified roses are on sale if you're looking to score some flowers last minute. You can snag two dozens roses for just $24.99. If you're a Prime member, they'll be just $19.99. 
When: Through February 14

The deal:
 Propose at a Panera, share a photo of the proposal, and Panera might cater your wedding. Full details here.
When: February 14

While there aren't deals on these, there are a handful of pizza shops cooking up heart-shaped pizzas for Valentine's Day. Here are the details on how to get your hands on a heart-shaped pizza.

More Valentine's Day Deals?

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