People Just Got Texts That Were Originally Sent on Valentine's Day. Yikes.

Think of the person you were loving in February. Were their text messages accompanied by a feeling of spontaneous ecstasy, as if you’d finally been pulled from the tundra of universal human suffering and welcomed into the warm embrace of a "Can I see u tonight”? Well, what if those texts sent in February only arrived now?

There’s a chance the vibe has changed. Just ask all of the people who -- just last (Wednesday) night -- started getting texts that were originally sent on or around Valentine's Day of 2019. The spookiest part? The recipients had never received these texts before. And, even though Mercury is indeed in retrograde, this wasn’t some cosmically induced wave of nostalgia. As a report by The Verge explains, the people who sent the texts had no idea they hadn't been received, and claimed to have played no role in sending them. 

Complaints started rolling in for all US phone carriers, some carriers in Canada, and Google Voice, but the majority of incidents were reported to T-Mobile and Sprint. A customer service rep responded to a complaint on Twitter by saying that “the message issue was identified and resolved.” Sprint failed to address issues of the heart, however. 

If you’ve ever loved anyone, you can imagine how traumatizing this must have been. Romantic flames die, and -- jokes aside -- so do people. So, many took to Twitter to express their sadness, embarrassment, and confusion:

Don't worry, though. Sure, someone could have just now received a text you sent on Valentine’s Day, chosen not to tell you, and instead texted all of their friends saying oh my God can you believe it, why can’t he/she just move on? It’s really nothing to stress over, babe. 

h/tThe Verge

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.