Florida Officials Urge Vanilla Ice to Evacuate Before Hurricane Hits

vanilla ice hurricane
YouTube | Vanilla Ice Vevo

Hurricane Matthew is just starting to make landfall in the United States. As a Category 4 storm, it has the potential to be hugely destructive and officials across the southeast have urged people in evacuation zones to get to safer areas. It's serious enough that Walt Disney World has closed for just the fourth time in its history and President Barack Obama has declared a state of emergency.

Officials have also warned Vanilla Ice that he needs to get the hell away from the shore, but homie don't play that. No, Vanilla Ice has publicly announced that he's not going anywhere. Instead, he'll "ride out" the storm, live-tweeting his way into whatever may come.

As though you needed a reason, the Florida Democrats Twitter account has urged residents to not listen to Vanilla Ice. It's an evergreen tweet, but today it's directed at not listening to the Ninja Turtles star about riding out the storm.

Despite Ice's plans, Governor Rick Scott issued a strong warning Thursday, saying, "This (storm) will kill you." The hurricane is just beginning to make landfall and thousands are already without power.

If you're not sure whether you're in an area with an evacuation notice, take a look at current warnings throughout Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. Meanwhile, Ice, take the advice of local officials and go ninja, go ninja, go ninja, go to somewhere safe.

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