Meat Lovers, You Can Get Paid $2,500 to Go Vegan for a Few Weeks

You must be from one of 10 carnivorous states.

What with agricultural giants like Burger King starting anti-cow fart campaigns, consumers are starting to wonder if we'd all just be better off skipping the "Reduced Methane Emissions Beef" and getting an Impossible Whopper. But the choice to go completely vegan is a lot harder than this simple switch. That's why, a vegan resource platform, wants to pay meat-lovers $2,500 to do it. 

The platform announced that it will be selecting self-proclaimed carnivores by the end of August to start a “study” in mid-September, according to a press release. The study will require three folks selected from the most meat-loving states in America -- Mississippi, Iowa, Nebraska, Texas, Indiana, Montana, Tennessee, North Carolina, Washington, and Illinois -- to sustain themselves on vegan foods alone for 30 days and journal about their health experiences. 

If you're between 18 and 60, have no underlying health conditions, and consider meat a part of your personality, you're probably perfect for the gig. The point of this study is to see how an average carnivore's health improves after a few weeks of swerving BBQ -- or, as the platform might say, considering alternatives. As a meat-lover gone vegan gone meat-dabbler, I can tell you it's truly not that bad, save for the occasional micro-aggression from your steak-wielding dad. 

“Our main aim at is to debunk any myths out there around veganism and help our community educate themselves on a plant-based lifestyle," said the platform's founder Jason Hughes. "As such, we are always looking to demonstrate the real-life affects being vegan has on a person’s health and fitness." 

Apply with this simple application here by the end of August. Hughes notes that it's important for recruits to be relatable and informative; he won't discourage meat eaters from complaining, but asks that they are honest about both negative and positive results. 

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