A Vegan Woman Was Shamed on Twitter After Buying Ice Cream for a Crying Child

A vegan woman who bought ice cream for a crying child recently found out that posting about something as innocent as a good deed can draw intense backlash on Twitter. 

In a melodrama fit for the digital age, the 22-year-old "vegan blogger" who goes by @itsallazara on Twitter, says she saw a little girl crying near an ice cream truck because she didn't have any money to buy herself a cone. Writing about the experience on Twitter, the woman says she gave the kid money to buy ice cream, because she is the opposite of a heartless monster. 

The innocuous tweet spurred backlash. A man named Anthony, who goes by @7AnthonyDagher7 on Twitter, posted images of @itsallzara's tweet and direct messaged her, criticizing her for purchasing ice cream -- an animal product -- for the little girl. He also posted screenshots of their exchange, for transparency's sake. His initial tweet garnered 1,500 retweets, apparently after reaching an audience ready for a scrap. 

Reading through the messages, you'll see that Anthony, who is also vegan, thought it was wrong to buy a child non-vegan ice cream, only because it perpetuates the unethical treatment of cows used in the mass-production of milk products: 

Anthony, who claimed he only had the best intentions and maintained a reasonable level of friendliness and decorum, then called upon other vegans on Twitter to direct message the young woman. He also suggested trying her on Instagram in case Twitter DMs didn't work, all the while insisting that he didn't want the woman to be verbally attacked. "I just want her to see she was wrong," he wrote

In a rare and heartwarming turn for a website as turbulent and self-reinforcing as Twitter, which feeds on conflict like a bottomless void of despair, everyone rallied around the young woman and her efforts to buy a sad, crying child an ice cream cone. That's really where we're at as a society right now. 

Let this be a reminder to everyone in the world to never tweet. 

h/tThe Guardian, The Takeout

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