These Vegetarians Are About to Try Pig Organs For the First Time

It's not entirely clear why a vegetarian would subject themselves to being a part of this, but a few of them have. In a new video from the Facts. YouTube Channel -- the people behind the "Irish People Try" series -- vegetarians do their best Big Bad Wolf impression and sit down to eat a little pig.

The video says they eat a whole pig. In reality, they're skipping the parts regularly consumed in the United States. They get right to the parts you don't frequently see on US menus: tongue, trotters, ears, head, and even the heart. 

For the most part, the three vegetarians are game. Though, it's clearly hard for them at times. Their difficulties aren't just mental, they're gastrointestinal as well. Eating a bunch of meat after not doing it for years can be rough on the stomach. That's succinctly captured by one taster who says, "My stomach feels like one big giant mistake."

It's not the first time Facts. has dabbled in these waters. They previously made a video of vegetarians trying meat for the first time in years. (That video included one of the women in the above video.) Though, those vegetarians tasted meals that could make anyone's mouth water. Having a pig heart slapped down on the table didn't have the same effect as a juicy burger for the handful of vegetarians who have been subjected to a Facts. taste test.

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