These Vegetarians Are About to Taste Meat for the First Time in Years

Published On 02/24/2017 Published On 02/24/2017

It doesn't take long after you become a vegetarian for the taste of meat to get weird. What form that takes varies. For some, the texture becomes unbearably disgusting. For others, even the smell of a burger could fill a kiddie pool full of drool.

The Facts. YouTube channel decided to film these responses and elicited the full range of reactions from their panel. They brought in three vegetarians to taste meat for the first time in a long, long while. One taste tester hadn't tasted flesh in three decades. Another had been basically meat-free for five years. The last is new to the game, having only been a vegetarian for a year. 

Some of the reactions are total and constant disgust. "This is my memory of meat. That you're chewing and chewing and it's not going anywhere," says the vegetarian who hadn't eaten meat in 30 years. Another keeps finding reluctant pleasure, even if there's a bit of a disgust factor. "The texture was much better than steak because it's a baby," she says when faced with veal.

It's amusing and shows how quickly tastes change when you completely cut a food out of your diet. Watch the full video above.

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