Venice Is Introducing an Entry Fee for Tourists

The fee is an attempt to control crowding caused by overtourism.


If you're planning a trip to Venice, be prepared to pay up. The city is imposing an entry fee for visitors to control the crowding caused by tourism.

According to The Times newspaper, a similar measure was previously announced in 2019 but was put on hold partially because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Per the outlet, lawmakers approved the new package of restrictions in 2021. Then, the city looked to implement the measure in 2022, but it got delayed until 2023. 

Now, the city of Venice has made an official decision. Beginning next year (with a specific date yet to be announced), visitors will have to pay €5 ($5.36 at the time of writing) to access and visit the Italian city, Reuters reports. Initially, the fee will be introduced on a trial basis, and it will mainly be implemented during spring bank holidays and summer weekends, which are all periods when the city counts the highest number of people. 

The new rule, however, won't apply to everyone. Residents, their relatives, children under the age of 14, and people who are staying in hotels locally won't have to pay.

Overtourism has long been an issue in Venice, forcing officials to get creative in managing the issue and preserving the city and its resources. Residents have been outspoken in opposition to overtourism, too. In addition to imposing fees on tourists entering the city, in 2021 Venice banned cruise ships from entering the city center.

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