Check Out These Hypnotizing Severe Weather Visualizations

Published On 02/23/2017 Published On 02/23/2017

Inclement weather is typically a nuisance, unless you experience a torrential downpour from a nest of blankets under your roof. But nasty weather can be beautiful, especially with Ventusky, an application that can visualize different weather systems in real-time.

The Next Web dredged up Ventusky while researching storm Doris, which is currently blanketing the UK with a decent smattering of rainfall and wind. Without getting too immersed in the specifics of the storm, check out the wind as it creates a vibrant cascade of color through the application:

Ventusky takes into consideration temperature, precipitation, clouds, wind speed, air pressure and snow cover, fashioning something pretty intoxicating in the process. As the weather gets increasingly strange and unpredictable -- historic snowfall seems to foreshadow premature outbursts of Spring, these days -- it’s cool we have such exhaustive tools to navigate the erratic climate.

If only it could save us from sinking.  

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