Venus and Jupiter Will Have a Rare Meeting in the Monday Morning Sky

The Great American Eclipse spoiled stargazers over the summer with a truly spectacular celestial event. There's no total eclipse, but November is host to many impressive events in the night sky, including a few meteor showers. One of those events will take place early Monday (November 13) before sunrise, when Jupiter and Venus meet in the morning sky. (Or they'll appear to meet. They're really about 416 million miles apart.)

The planets will appear close together for a short time about 45 minutes before sunrise. Once the sun is up, it will obscure both planets from view. Look low on the east/southeast horizon to spot the planets converging (0.28 degrees apart).

You'll want to exercise a little caution, though. The planets will be visible to the naked eye, as they're both quite bright. Looking through a telescope will give an impressive view of the planets as well. However, the event will happen close to sunrise, and you definitely don't want to point a telescope or binoculars at the sun. You don't even want to stare at the sun, which should seem obvious, but August's eclipse proved it'sworthrepeating.

The conjunction -- the term for when the orbits of two planets align when viewed from Earth -- will actually take place around 1:05am ET, reports Unfortunately for readers in the US, Venus and Jupiter will not yet be visible in the sky. They'll rise on the east coast around 5:30am, and on the west coast around 5:18am. Across the US, sunrise will take place between 6:10am and 7:20am.

For the best view, pick a place away from city lights. That's always helpful when you're looking up into the night sky. Additionally, since the event will take place so low in the sky, you'll want a view with a flat, unobstructed horizon. 

If you're planning to go out and hate bitter disappointment early in the morning, Accuweather has a look at visibility conditions across the country during the brief window in which you can view the conjunction.


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