Some Verizon Customers Can't Send Texts to Other Networks

Published On 12/08/2016 Published On 12/08/2016

Earlier this month, Verizon customers across the country accused the company of charging them for cellular data they never used. While that was enough to get the masses fuming, a Reddit thread started on Wednesday indicates that many Verizon subscribers are having trouble sending text messages to different networks.

As pointed out by Gizmodo, at least a dozen people in Arizona, West Virginia, Indiana and New York have been affected by the issue.

People are also griping on Twitter:

According to Downdetector, which tracks service outages at telecoms and tech companies, complaints against Verizon spiked at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, when a total of 386 separate incidents had been reported:

Downdetector/Screen shot

Some Reddit users are claiming the texting problem is the result of a network-wide texting outage. Although that’s not entirely implausible -- regional outages have been known to happen, with a recent example occurring in March -- a nationwide issue seems like a massive leap.

We’ve queried a Verizon representative about the issue, and will update the story when we hear back. Meanwhile, if you’re a Verizon customer and are having trouble sending or receiving messages outside of your network, let Downdetector know.

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