Vermont Is Legalizing Weed Sales Statewide

The state had previously legalized possession.


Cannabis is a magical little plant that you can smoke, mix into your favorite batch of baked goods, even infuse into your bedtime cup of sleepy tea. And while once upon a time, it was illegal across the United States, some states have slowly but surely loosened restrictions to varying degrees.

Though Vermont had already legalized the use and possession of weed, Governor Phil Scott announced Wednesday that the state would now allow sales as well, Vox reports. The new legislation, which is already set to take effect this month, will allow Vermont to commercialize, tax, and regulate the cannabis business. 

Despite his decision to not veto the bill, Scott is still reportedly concerned about the legislation. Per the outlet, he is worried that it would provide "an unfair head start on market access" to medical cannabis and that the 30% excise tax could be "raided by the legislature and used for other unrelated purposes" when it's supposed to be funneled towards drug misuse programs. 

Not only did Scott mention potential for the bill to be tweaked (even after it becomes a law) but there is a timing hitch. According to Vox, state legislators will reportedly have until October 2022 to issue retailers the necessary licenses to make sales legal, which means the process -- for at least some -- could still be a couple years out. There are still plenty of steps before full regulation is implemented.

In addition to the legalization of weed sales, Scott signed a bill that will expunge previous cannabis-related convictions. Those that receive the expungement will be notified of the update via email.

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.