These Jeans Show Off Your Bare Ass Through a Zipper in the Back

In the age of shameless viral marketing and outrageous fashion #trends, even the most basic and mundane things are getting a 21st century makeover. Exhibit A(ss): This pair of jeans, which let you unzip from the rear.

This cheeky item is the product of the Spring 2017 collaboration between Vetements and Levi’s, and as the lovechild of high-fashion and well, your butt, it’s been garnering quite a bit of attention on Instagram:


#VETEMENTSxLEVIS @kevingiacco

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Jeans used to be about covering up your ass. No more, though. You’ve clearly been fashion-ing wrong your whole life. This isn’t a publicity stunt, either: You can break free from the stylistic mold with these assless pants for the cool price of $1,715.

Fashion before function, ya’ll.

[The Cut via Harper's Bazaar]

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