Spend 27 Months at Sea on This New Cruise Experience

You can live aboard this ship while you travel the world.

When I was 12 years old, I used to wander out into the ocean so that only my head was bobbing above the water and my toes were skimming the sand beneath. I'd close my eyes and start to pray in a way that only a hormonally and emotionally unstable preteen can. I was begging, absolutely begging the universe to send the pirate ships from Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End to come and retrieve me from Florida so that I could join Kiera Knightley in exploring the world.

Obviously, all I got out of that experience was a sinus's worth of salt water up my nose. But now as an adult with a bit more control over my fate there's a new way to engage in the globe-trotting lifestyle of a pirate with none of the scurvy or creepy sea curses. Victoria Cruises Line is offering a new long-term residential cruise experience starting in May 2023.

"Victoria Cruises Line offers our customers a unique lifestyle that is completely new to the shipping industry," said Olavs Zvinelis, CEO of Victoria Cruises Line, in a statement shared with the press. "We provide rental cabins at affordable prices to clients who want to live on a boat and travel the world without any strings attached. It's our mission to deliver a unique houseboat experience for our residents, who will live on board like a little family."

The experience will be 27 months long, spending between one and seven days docked at ports all over the world. In total, you'll spend about 540 days docked in 200 different locations. Two ships, Victoria Amazing and Victoria Majestic, will operate as house boats when they launch from Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in May 2023.

These adult-only cruises will include luxury suites and stops in Tuscany, St. Kitts, the Galapagos Islands, Peru, Greece, Norway, and more. The rooms are available to rent for a minimum of six months and have no maximum number of months that you can stay. Victoria Cruises claims that by living aboard the ship you can dramatically reduce your cost of living, while being able to explore the entire world.

It still won't be that cheap, even if a comparable experience elsewhere would cost more money. Oceanview rooms on the ship start at $10,999 per month for two people. If this is something that is up your alley and your budget, or you just want to check out what a life at sea could look like, you can head to Victoria.Cruises.

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