An SUV Crashed Through a Comic Bookstore and Narrowly Missed a Humble Patron

Man, life is crazy. Yes, that is an absolute cliche, only its buttressed by the fact that an SUV might barrel into your local comic bookstore as you casually peruse the aisles.

A man looking to score some fresh comics at Huntsville, Alabama’s Deep Comics and Games skirted what looks like sheer death, as a Honda CRV darted through the store’s front windows like an angry Batmobile. The driver apparently suffered a seizure while at the wheel, and careened into the store at around 10 am on Friday. The motorist sustained some injuries, but completely decimated the store and all of its rare, superhero magic.

Luckily, no one else was injured during the incident, which suggests that there must be some kind of divine spirit watching over comic book stores and their humble patrons. During the third angle shown from the surveillance footage, you’ll see another man standing at the cash register, standing frozen as the storefront gets pulverized in a matter of seconds. We're guessing his delayed reaction was the result of shock. 

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