Watch This Girl Get Totally Schooled by a Basketball Player on a Crowded Street

Living in a metropolis like New York City offers no shortage of adventure, especially when you’re casually crossing the street, only to find yourself the victim of a ruthless cross-over dribble that literally sends you tumbling toward the asphalt.

That’s what happened to Gillian Jordan earlier this week, when a basketball player decided to humiliate her in front of an audience:

The video is a case-study in bad defense, and since it was posted to Twitter on Tuesday, it’s gotten the viral attention it deserves.

Although it seems like something tossed down from the heavens by Wilt Chamberlain, there’s a backstory to the devastating juke-step that totally clowned the NYC teenager. According to Gothamist, the man in the video is Jahmani Swanson, a baller who stands at 4-foot-5 and wields some nasty handles. When the video was captured, Swanson was in the city filming a segment for Whistle Sports. This caught the eye of Jordan, who asked to be a part of the show. Although presumably fun, Jordan’s participation came at her own peril, because she obviously got schooled.

The footage was shot by Jordan’s cousin, Matthew Geissler. As Jordan told Teen Vogue: "They told us to go on the other side of 23rd Street and go on the crosswalk. Jahmani came up to me and crossed me up. I was trying to defend him and I accidentally slipped onto the street," she said. "There were cars honking at us and looking at us like we were crazy because I had just fallen on the street. A lady next to me ran over with a kid in her arms and asked me if I was okay. The other people on the crosswalk and surrounding areas were laughing."

Swanson posted another angle of the shot on his own Instagram account, proving that yes, the video was kind of staged:


Bustin ankles in NYC 😂 proud to be working with #teamnike 🙌🏾 #Kyrie3 #kyriechallenge

A video posted by MANI LOVE (@manilove102) on

Just for the record, that’s what happens when you step to Jahmani Swanson, who’s known alternatively as the “Michael Jordan of Dwarf Basketball.”

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