This Guy Refused to Let His His Crippling Fear of Heights Ruin a Good View

If you really want to get over a phobia, some say the best way to do it is to quite literally face your fear until you eventually grow desensitized to tiny spiders, creepy clowns, flying, or whatever it is that sends shivers down your spine. And while that may be a particularly effective method, it can also provide some excellent entertainment for bystanders lucky enough to witness such a moment, as evidenced by this video of a guy hilariously wiggling his way to peek off the edge of a cliff in an effort to cure his crippling fear of heights.

In the clip, which was uploaded by the daughter of the acrophobic man featured in it, you see him army crawl ever so slowly toward the edge of Dún Aonghasa, a prehistoric hill fort on Ireland's Aran Islands which is renowned for having spectacular views from its 100-meter-high cliffs. He lets out a few bursts of giggles and can hardly bear lifting his head to even glance at the water below, but eventually brings himself to look out after being challenged by the woman behind the camera  who quips, "You've got to hold if for five seconds -- uninterrupted eye contact with the Atlantic Ocean!"

It's unclear whether this helped sap his fear of heights at all, but kudos to him on the giving it a go, and more importantly to his daughter for getting it all on tape.


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Joe McGauley is a senior writer for Thrillist. Follow him @jwmcgauley.