Video Shows a Crazy Fist-Fight Breaking Out Onboard an Airplane

Boarding a cramped plane with hordes of strangers will always suck, but doing so amidst a raging fist fight makes the experience downright harrowing. That’s exactly what happened onboard an All Nippon Airways flight from Tokyo to Los Angeles Monday night, as passengers took their seats before the 11-hour journey.

Video captured the event, as one passenger, clad in the vacationing garb of a Hawaiian shirt, began throwing wild punches at the man seated behind him. Apparently the violence was completely unprompted, and footage obtained by CNN shows the situation unfold:

Corey Hour, who taped the fight on his phone, said of the instigator: "No one provoked him -- he was cool up until a few minutes before he started hitting the guy...He started verbally abusing and intimidating people. Nothing triggered him, it just happened." The man apparently walked away from the fight only to return and seek out more violence. The duo exchange blows as families and small children -- the latter of whom can be heard crying -- watch in the background. The flight was delayed 90 minutes before departure, CNN notes. 

Hour took to Twitter to laud flight staff for handling the situation so well:

The burden of air travel has been given renewed focus in light of last month’s United Airlines fiasco, which saw a passenger forcibly removed from a plane. While the American carrier has been at the crux of those stories -- which include scorpion stings, emergency landings and dead giant rabbits -- the fight onboard the All Nippon flight is still sweat inducing.

The man who started the altercation was detained at Tokyo’s Narita International Airport and did not fly. The status of his stylish Hawaiian shirt is also not good, as it appears to have been ripped.

[h/t CNN]

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