Vienna Beef Challenges Chicagoans to Eat at as Many Hot Dog Stands as They Can

Hurry up and channel your inner Joey Chestnut.

Chicago is known for a lot of things, but when it comes to food it's all about pizza and hot dogs. No one does the latter quite like the Windy City, but not everyone appreciates a quality hot dog when they taste one. Vienna Beef is on the hunt for its Top Dog—a hot dog lover who never turns down a dog.

In order to find its person, the wiener maker launched the Vienna Beef Hot Dog Stand Challenge, according to Block Club Chicago. Chicago residents will have the chance to chow down on as many hot dogs as they can from the 369 hot dog stands participating. The challenge will run through October 17, which gives those vying for the Vienna Beef Top Dog title ample time.

Vienna Beef's challenge isn't just about showcasing a love of hot dogs. It's about giving hot dog stands, which took a big hit during the pandemic, a boost.

"Vienna Beef hopes this challenge delivers some lighthearted fun to our loyal customers, helps drive business to vendors, benefits restaurants and employees, and provides industry support after a challenging year and a half for restaurants," Tim O'Brien, president of Vienna Beef, said in a press release.

To enter, you'll need to sign up here. You can also find more information about the challenge, like which hot dog stands are participating, online. Once you're signed up, all you have to do is visit as many stands as you can and enjoy a few hot dogs along the way. Or a few dozen.

Vienna Beef is giving competitors several chances to win titles, all of which are equally awesome. You can be named Neighborhood Mayor by checking in at the most individual hot dog stands in a certain neighborhood. It's not quite the grand prize, but it's a prize just the same. The company will crown 15 winners with that title and they'll get a one-of-a-kind Vienna Beef Mayor t-shirt and six pounds of Vienna Beef Franks.

A grand prize winner will be crowned Vienna Beef Top Dog and will walk away with a package full of swag. It includes four VIP tickets to a luxury entertainment experience every month. We're talking box seats to watch Chicago teams play and an exclusive tour of the Vienna Beef factory. The winner will also get a t-shirt, a $1,000 Vienna Beef gift card, and a trophy to proudly display.

Prizes will also be awarded to whoever comes in second, third, and fourth place. Those folks will be treated to a catered hot dog party for 40 guests, a custom mini hot dog cart, a t-shirt that reads "Hot Dog Royalty," and a prize ribbon. Vienna Beef will be randomly selecting five participants to win a hat each week as well.

The challenge kicked off on August 19, which means you're already lagging behind. Sign up and channel your inner Joey Chestnut. It's not every day you get the chance to be called Vienna Beef Top Dog.

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