There's a Stylish Wine Advent Calendar Promising a Different Wine Daily

Welcome the holidays with a daily glass of wine.

vinebox wine advent calendar
Courtesy of Vinebox
Courtesy of Vinebox

There is an advent calendar for just about anything you want to taste daily in December. Chocolate? Of course. Whiskey? You betcha. Tea? Beer? Gin? Legos? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

And wine? Oh, there’s wine. Vinebox is back with its 12 Nights of Wine calendar and, for the first time, a 24 Nights of Wine calendar. They are both already available for pre-sale, which is worth knowing because the large boxes of wine have sold out for the last six straight years.

The 12 Nights of Wine comes in two limited edition boxes. The Holi-DAY box contains "crisp, bright, and vibrant wines," while the 'Twas the Night box contains "bold, silky, and rich selections." If you want to double the wine-based fun, the 24 Nights of Wine has 24 different European wines inside. Each of those wines comes in a 100ml glass tube containing a single glass of wine.

The boxes filled with 12 single-serve wines will run you $129, while you get a deal when you go big. The larger option costs $199. Whichever version you choose, it will be shipping on October 3. In years past, it has been one of the better-designed boozy advent calendars, making it a great gift since you’re getting more than just a cardboard box with a bunch of vials inside. Plus, the calendar is accompanied by a daily video from the company’s Sommelier, guiding you through each tasting. It's a fun trip through a variety of wines that can help you dig into the styles and origins of each glass. Or, of course, you could just pour each day's sip and grab a good book.

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