These Ridiculous Shoes Are The Future of Footwear

Sneakers have always been something to fetishize. The right pair of kicks goes a long way in any fashionable wardrobe, but given the state of modern technology and American cultural excess, shoes nowadays can be hifalutin as a self-driving vehicle.

Take for instance, The First Class Shoes, which were designed by Virgin America to simulate the plush confines of a first class flight in the form of a shoe. No, that is not a joke. Check out these luxurious disco-boots for yourself:

Virgin teamed up with the advertising agency Eleven Inc. and Milan-based design firm SearchnDesign to conceive the shoe. What they assembled is a handcrafted beauty featuring Italian leather, and a stainless steel seat buckle taken directly from the first class cabin of a Virgin America aircraft.

To simulate the sleekness of flying in style, the shoe also comes with moodlighting, Wi-Fi capabilities and a video display, so you can watch the family-friendly programming you’re used to viewing from 30,000 feet in the sky.

There’s only one pair of these shoes in the world right now, so don’t count on strapping up in these big, clunky masterpieces anytime soon. The shoes are being auctioned on Ebay in conjunction with Soles4Souls, a charity that provides clothing and shoes in impoverished parts of the world.

So even if you like the idea of these monstrous shoes becoming mainstream someday, donate to the cause. You can also buy a pair of Back To The Future  shoes -- and literally step into the future of footwear.

H/T Esquire

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