This Solar Company Will Pay You $6,000 to Go Green on a Trip to Hawaii

Recycling your airport croissant wrapper just doesn't cut it anymore. The planet is burning, and we have to work harder to be eco-friendly if we're going to enjoy places like the jaw-droppingly beautiful Hawaii 40 years from now. Luckily, just in time for your latest climate change spiral, you have the chance to take a free trip to the stunning island chain and set an example for taking an environmentally friendly vacation. 

Vivint Solar, a solar energy company, has opened applications for its "Eco-Adventure Challenge." AKA, the company will pay someone $2,000 and provide a $4,000 travel stipend, to go green in Maui, according to a spokesperson.

Most of what we hear on the internet is just don't travel because carbon footprint also I'm so sad we're all gonna dieAHSDHFIH, when really there are more practical approaches to spreading awareness of climate change than spiraling publicly in front of your peers and delegitimizing boomer relatives. If you feel passionate about the environment, Vivint Solar is scouting for an eco-tourist who will go about doing their normal eco-friendly things in Maui, except with some method of documentation. 

Applications are open now through November 18, and you can apply here. In the application, they request your Instagram and Youtube, if you have one, along with a description of how you plan to document the trip. You can also submit a link to a video explaining why you'd like to go. Make sure you stick your composting bins in the background. 

Aside from being over 18, the company has indicated a few things they're looking for in an applicant:

  • Creative and engaging ideas for documenting the trip. We're looking for someone with interesting ideas for videos, photos, and other assets that could help share their experience.
  • A basic understanding of how they could make environmentally-conscious choices during their travels.
  • An active social media presence.

"While Hawaii’s economy centers on tourism, the travel industry can have a negative impact on the state’s diverse ecosystems," the company told Thrillist. "With our vision of a world powered by 100% clean energy, we wanted to bring awareness to the importance of making eco-friendly choices outside of the home, especially while traveling to eco-rich destinations like Maui." 

We're not saying you should stop recycling your airport wrappers. We're just saying we're WASTING PRECIOUS TIME, BY GOD, ACT QUICKLY. THE CHILDREN. 

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.