Ukraine Just Turned an Old Statue of Lenin Into Darth Vader

Published On 10/24/2015 Published On 10/24/2015
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Don't get me wrong, I'm as excited as the next nerd to catch The Force Awakens when it opens in December. But in all honesty, the endless stream of Star Wars buzz/propaganda has become a little draining as I count down the days till JJ Abrams drops his his film on 12/18. 

So rarely do Star Wars-leaning leaks intrigue and surprise me as much as the recent news that an Odessa-based statue of Soviet founder Vladimir Lenin has been repurposed into a monument to Darth Vader, supreme Sith lord -- in what seems to be a successful transition of ideals and culture. 


“I was born in the USSR, and I am a child of a country that doesn’t exist any more,” Ukrainian sculptor Alexander Milov, the sculptor behind the transition, told BBC Culture. “I wish to save the monuments of history. I’m trying to clean up the operating system and keep them on the hard drive of memory.”

The impetus behind the re-design stems from the "de-Communisation" bill, passed by the Ukrainian government earlier this year.  

“We didn’t want to vandalise the statue but the monument to Lenin was due to be dismantled in connection with the new law...I decided to take a monument to Lenin and transform it into a monument to Darth Vader, because at this moment Darth Vader is a political figure in Ukraine,” Milov added, in the same BBC report. 

Milov also added a WiFi router in Vader's head, effectively combining the old-world with the new, and putting a decidedly American spin on what was once a monument to Soviet Russia.

Rarely has the Dark Side looked so good.  

Wil Fulton is a Staff Writer for Thrillist. His favorite Star Wars character is Storm Trooper #43. Follow him @wilfulton

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