Vlasic Is Selling a Candle That Looks and Smells Like a Real Jar of Pickles

The quirky product was launched in honor of National Pickle Day.

Courtesy of Candier by Ryan Porter.
Courtesy of Candier by Ryan Porter.

There's a food holiday for just about anything these days and November plays host to perhaps the most popular food holiday, Thanksgiving. But, there's another that is often overlooked as a result, National Pickle Day. On November 14, pickle enthusiasts everywhere have reason to celebrate, and this year, they can light a candle in honor of their favorite vinegar-soaked treat.

Pickle brand Vlasic has teamed up with home fragrances company Candier by Ryan Porter to give the pickle people what they want: a candle that looks and smells like a real jar of pickles.

Now you may be thinking, how is a candle like this made? Well, according to Krysten Kauder, the founder of Candier by Ryan Porter, everything had to be done by hand, including the placement of the faux pickles and pouring of the wax.

You can grab your own pickle-inspired candle for $29. Candles will be sold in limited quantities beginning on National Pickle Day at shopryanporter.com

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