Waiters Reveal the Craziest Things They've Experienced on the Job

Being a waiter lends itself to a little voyeurism. Unfortunately, lots of people consider their servers mindless drones, and don't realize that the person serving you dinner might also be a shameless eavesdropper. After you leave the restaurant, you might think your salacious gossip went unnoticed, but the waiter usually remembers. And thanks to a Reddit thread that's currently making the rounds -- in which waiters share some of the more alarming and downright scuzzy things they've overheard and encountered on the job -- it's evident that your private dinner conversations are part of the public domain. 

Waiters might encounter some casual incest.

Infidelity always starts a fight.


Sometimes waiters get duped. 


 People don't shy away from discussing erectile dysfunction. 


Sometimes, waiters inadvertently catch a cheating lover in the act. 

You'll meet petulant children. 

You'll catch wind of horribly screwed-up relationships: 

You'll experience a crash-course in unhygienic parenting.  


You'll hear about alternative versions of history. 


There will be dirty old men. 


In other words, being a waiter is tough on the ears and psyche, but it still might be better than working as a Disney World mascot

[h/t Foodbeast]

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