Walmart Is Selling a 488-Piece Box of Hershey's Halloween Treats

Consider your Halloween candy shopping done.

Image by Chineme Elobuike, Courtesy of Hershey
Image by Chineme Elobuike, Courtesy of Hershey

Ever walk down the candy aisle before Halloween and just get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choice? And then you find yourself asking, do the kids want something chocolatey or something fruity, and what do I want to nibble on between handing out candy to trick-or-treaters? There are so many questions and not enough answers. Unless, of course, you factor in the Hershey Chocolate & Sweets Treasure Box.

The huge box features Kit Kats Miniatures, Rolos, Reese's Miniatures, Jolly Rancher Chews, Twizzler Twists, and Hershey's Kisses. The whopping 488-piece box is the perfect party gift or a great thing to leave on your porch if interacting with germ-carrying ghouls and ghosts isn't for you this Halloween.

The Hershey Chocolate & Sweets Treasure Box is available nationwide in Walmart stores and online now. For exactly $29.98, you can make a group of incredibly greedy school children happy. Because, let's be serious, the moment you set that box outside unmonitored, the first group of kids to spot it will take impossibly large handfuls of candy until every piece is gone.

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