Bigfoot Is Real. This Grainy, Blurry Video Proves It.

The internet loves a good conspiracy, and video purporting to show the enigmatic beast known as Bigfoot is currently making the online rounds.

Footage captured by CarbonTV’s Eagle Cam in May shows what looks like a furry creature ambling through a Michigan forest. It walks on two legs, surveying its surroundings among the woodland environment, ostensibly doing Bigfoot stuff. It’s hard to see what the figure actually does, as the grainy footage was shot from more than 85 feet in the air.

Take a look for yourself. Is this Bigfoot, or, like, a person in a Bigfoot costume?  

The camera was set up by Carbon TV and the Department of Natural Resources last spring, with the intent of documenting a bald eagle’s nest, according to USA Today. That was until Bigfoot -- or something resembling Bigfoot -- got in the way with its huge, misbegotten body.

Ed Eisch, DNR Fish Production Manager for the camera site, told the paper: “Like most videos purported to be Bigfoot, it's grainy and out of focus — of course, the camera wasn't set up to be focused on the ground; it was focused on the nest."

But still, the conspiracy lives! Twitter is humming with all sorts conjecture, because, you know, even if that wasn’t Bigfoot, the horrifying ape-thing might exist, trudging through shrubs and grunting heavily somewhere.

According to CarbonTV executive Daniel Seliger, that totally could have been Bigfoot, because why the hell not: “From what we can see, what anybody can see with their plain eye, it’s up to interpretation. It’s definitely grounds for speculation as a legitimate sighting. But who knows?”

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