Watch A 350-Pound Inflatable Pumpkin Run Amok on the Streets

Published On 10/30/2015 Published On 10/30/2015

A 25-foot-tall, 350-pound inflatable pumpkin escaped the clutches of its Halloween display and bounded down the streets of Peoria, Arizona. This is real life, not an illustrated children's book

The pumpkin caught air from strong winds, rolled through the trees, into oncoming traffic, and slammed into a streetlight, bending the light in the process. Luckily no one was caught in the mad pumpkin's path, because a 350-pound pumpkin can probably do the equivalent damage to humans as a normal one would to ants.

Patrick Sparkes, who works for Big AZ Promotions, the owners of the famed pumpkin, told channel 12 local news, "We showed up and it wasn't there and we spent the last 40 minutes driving around looking for it." The idea of these guys frantically searching for a giant pumpkin is funny enough, but the video that captures the ridiculous pumpkin bouncing down the streets is way funnier.

Though it's not shown in the footage, the pumpkin later hopped a wall, ran though a business parking lot, and then finally came to a halt in a park. Really amazing feat for a pumpkin.

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