Carving Pumpkins with a Pressurized Water Gun Takes No Time and Will Mesmerize You

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If you’re a parent, chances are you celebrate the annual falling of leaves by purchasing gourds and carving silly faces in pumpkins. Except, even though you love your kids and want them to experience Autumn in all its splendor, carving a ghoulish or whimsical face in a pumpkin is a chore, and a messy one at that.

So why not blast that pumpkin with a 60,000 PSI water jet, and finish the deed in 30 seconds? The cost is astronomical compared to your humble kitchen knife, so it’s probably not a great idea to go this route. Unless, of course, you plan on producing thousands of jack-o-lanterns assembly line style. If that's the case, you could turn your home into a heavily gourded fortress, just in time for Halloween.

The maniacs over at the WaterJet Channel made this video, and also fashioned a Harambe pumpkin with the power of highly pressurized water, because why the hell not?

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