Watch Aladdin Ride Down New York City Streets on Magic Carpet

Published On 10/31/2015 Published On 10/31/2015

Everyone's favorite "street rat" made an appearance in New York City. Not pizza rat, Aladdin, pre-Prince Ali.

A video by PrankvsPrank shows a man dressed as Aladdin riding through the streets of NYC on a magic carpet. Of course it's not a real magic carpet, cause they totally exist, but instead an electric skateboard. The guy zooms by as surprised onlookers snap photos, and he looks ridiculously cool doing it. Sadly, there was no Genie or Jasmine to add more authenticity to the show. 

This is not the first time an Aladdin has pranked the public. Just recently, Mo Khan posted a video on Vine, of the same concept. He used a hoverboard and did a few errands around Chicago. But, it's not as fast-paced and stylish as NYC Aladdin. 

Clearly, Aladdin's the hot Halloween costume. 

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