Watch an Armless Man Play Guitar Better Than You

Published On 10/26/2015 Published On 10/26/2015

Vimeo is typically armed to the gills with awesome videos, but a recent staff pick showcasing an armless man named Mark Goffeney has us pumping our fists in delight. Goffeney plays guitar and probably does it better than you -- however, he holds the unique talent of being able to play with his feet. You gotta hand it to this guy; he really knows how to shred.

Goffeney, who was actually born without arms, says he has always used his feet for the type of activities any other person could normally do with their hands. He taught himself guitar at an early age and has only gotten better. Along with footage of Goffeney busking, the video of our no-armed hero recounts stories of playing music in the 80s, shows us how he drives a car, (with total ease, by the way) and generally makes the rest of us feel completely inadequate. 

And yes, now that you made it all this way: those jokes were intentional.

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Jeremy Glass is a writer at Thrillist and was born with two arms, but absolutely no rhythm.



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