Watch an Exercise Ball Filled With Water Explode. You Deserve it.

Published On 11/12/2016 Published On 11/12/2016

Have you ever wanted to hurl a massive object off the side of a building, just to watch it careen towards terra firma and explode in a beautifully cathartic mess? If so, you’ve probably been constrained by societal rules, or a prerogative telling you that decorum is a better policy than chaos. Much to your chagrin, you’re stuck playing by the rules like a poor sap.

Not these guys, though. They filled an exercise ball to the brim with water, helping the gelatinous sphere weigh 150 pounds by the time they were done. Then, the Australians climbed to the dizzying height of nearly 150 feet and sent the thing screaming back to Earth. They did this because they’re hedonists who like to have fun.

The pink ball unleashes an explosion of water not unlike a tsunami, with a sudden wave bursting and then disappearing all in a matter of nanoseconds. If this look like a good time, it’s because it is.

Usual disclaimers apply.

[HT Gizmodo]

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