Watching Kids Struggle to Use a VCR Will Make You Feel Ancient

It's been nearly 20 years since DVDs eclipsed the VHS era, so it's no surprise that kids today wouldn't know the first thing about how to use a VCR. Still, watching this video of young people react to their first experience popping a tape into a machine that was long a staple of the living rooms around the world is a delightful reminder of just how old your earthly vessel is getting.

In celebration of National VCR Day (we checked, and yes, it's a thing), a local ABC affiliate plopped a bunch of kids in front of a VCR/TV combo with a stack of VHS tapes, and filmed them as they tried to figure out how to watch a movie. Considering most of them are young enough to view Blu-Ray as ancient technology, the reactions ranged from endearing confusion to downright disgust at the poor picture quality and fact that you have to -- GASP -- rewind the tape to get to the beginning.

Besides some innocent-enough fumbling over which end of the VHS goes in the machine first and figuring out which buttons do what, there were a few moments that underscored how truly archaic the VCR is in the age of Netflix. Two of the boys mistook the stack of movie tapes for books, and one girl speculated that VCRs first came out in the 1800s. One kid kind of recognized the machine in front of him, but insisted it was an "HRV."

Presented with the notion that VCRs were actually the future of TV, the kids weren't too thrilled. "I would hate it," one said. "I would probably die," another insisted. And honestly, can you blame them? 

RIP Blockbuster.

h/tThe Next Web

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