Watch Lightning Strike a Delta Air Lines Plane

Published On 08/20/2015 Published On 08/20/2015

Welp, here's another reason to hate being stuck on the tarmac.

An insane new video shows what appears to be a Delta Air Lines passenger plane getting struck by lightning on Tuesday while it was grounded during a storm -- because, apparently, Zeus hates delays as much as you do. In his description for the video, YouTube user Jack Perkins said he captured the lightning strike while "filming the line of planes all stacked up during a ground hold in Atlanta" on August 18th. It's unclear if the plane was damaged by the bolt, but we reached out to Delta to find out more.

Update - 1:30pm ET

A Delta spokesperson provided the following statement regarding the lightning strike:

"Amateur video shows Delta flight 67 on August 18 from Atlanta to Las Vegas incurring a lightning strike while in the takeoff queue. As with any event involving aircraft, Delta is doing a thorough investigation of the circumstances around this flight as safety is always Delta’s top priority.

The Boeing 737-900ER aircraft with 111 customers and six crew had been dispatched from its departure gate and proceeded to its take-off queue  before lightning was occurring at the airfield. This flight, along with others, was holding for departure clearance from air traffic control. Aircraft design allows lightning bolts to be safely redirected. Fuselage structure and industrial-grade insulation acts as super-conductive lightning rod that rechannels lightning around and away from customers and crew and out into the ground via the landing gear."

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