Watch Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer in Behind the Scenes 'SNL' Footage

Melissa McCarthy donned her Sean Spicer garb for perhaps a final Saturday Night Live appearance last Friday, wheeling through the streets of New York and searching for President Trump in a sketch. Filming the segment saw McCarthy lumber through Manhattan traffic on her motorized press podium, interrupting the flow of taxis and inciting a procession of cheers from bystanders. Twitter went crazy for it -- as did the president’s good friends in the mainstream media -- which is probably why SNL decided to release the sketch’s outtakes.

The second McCarthy hit the streets as Spicer -- with her oversized suit and perpetually wrinkled forehead -- New Yorkers started singing her praises. As the actress tries to keep a straight face, cheers of “We love you Melissa” and “Go Spicey” ring out from the streets. Hell, even big, serious, NBC newsman Brian Williams called her a “comedic national treasure.”

The actual skit hinged on the many controversies engulfing the capital -- Spicer’s job as press secretary is rumored to be in jeopardy, for one -- and the White House’s scrambling attempts to recover from the fallout of the James Comey debacle. Although last Saturday’s segment does end with the president open-mouth kissing a lovelorn Spicer, it kind of pales in comparison to the outtakes. After all, how often does the press secretary steal a hotdog from a street vendor and eat gum off the ground?

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