Watch NASA's Ridiculous Ultra-HD Footage of the Sun

Published On 11/03/2015 Published On 11/03/2015

The sun, much like Angelina Jolie, is a star among stars -- though they both might burn your retinas if you stare too much at them. But, in a gesture of appreciation, NASA recently put together an ultra-HD video showing real images of the fabulous star -- the sun, not Angelina -- and it's magnificent.

NASA recording video of the sun was no small feat: the result of painstaking efforts and much manipulation, the video comprises roughly a gazillion images from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, which captures the sun's movements 24/7. The SDO, as the cool kids call it, grabs images of the sun in 10 different wavelengths to draw attention to the varying temperatures of solar material. Every one of these images is eight times the resolution of HD video.

To create a video like the one you're about to watch, a team of media specialists had to work 10 hours just to get one minute of footage. What you're about to see is something really special... and you don't even need sunglasses. 

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