Watch Straight Men Touch Another Penis for the First Time

"It looks like you feed it well," "It actually kind of feels like a hairless cat," and "It feels different than mine." Those are just a few of the interesting and hilarious reactions straight men had when they touched another guy's penis for the first time, as seen in a thoughtful new video from the people who brought you "Lesbians Touch Penis for the First Time." 

In this latest exercise in thought-provoking penis petting, YouTube's BriaAndChrissy provide three self-identified heterosexual volunteers the opportunity to touch another dude's dick, because 1) it challenges what society thinks of as acceptable straight man to straight man contact, and 2) it's just as funny as you'd think it'd be. The experiment is the logical sequel to previous hits like the gay men touching a vagina for the first time video and the aforementioned lesbians touching a penis for the first time video. 

However, one of the guys was told he'd lose his job for appearing in the video (he's blurred to hide his identity), which "is exactly the point we are trying to raise," BriaAndChrissy said via email. That is, "men are not allowed freedom and flexibility with their sexuality" and must obey society's "standards of what 'normal' hetero behavior is." In the end, the guys go into the experience remarkably cool and open-minded, and come out of the whole thing straight as ever, but with some all-new wisdom.

As one of the guys put it: "I think my friends, when they see this video, think it's a joke, right? But the reason I did this was to prove it's not a big deal." Watch, and decide for yourself.

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Tony Merevick is Cities News Editor at Thrillist and agrees with the video's open-minded message. Send news tips to and follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick.