Watch These Kids Use a Walkman for the First Time

Ok, so maybe it’s not quite up to Apple’s standards, but in its golden age, around the time when people were wearing a lot of spandex, the walkman was the coolest. Sadly, youngsters of the modern world can’t appreciate this revolutionary device, and are just completely confused by it.
One mom, most likely an 80’s child, recently gave her 2015 children a walkman to play with and filmed their reactions as they tried, and failed, to use this god-forsaken device. Apparently, cassette tapes are a lot more difficult to figure out than Snapchat. That is, assuming these kids have Snapchat, but all the kiddos are doing that now, right??

After much trial and error, they do finally get the tape in the otherworldly player. At least this is one area of expertise that the older generation has on the youth. Score one for the 80's kids. 

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