This Dude Blew Up a Fridge and Turned it Into a Flying Death Vessel

Blowing shit up in a controlled environment is cool, but you might die without taking the necessary precautions. That's nearly what happened to this southern delinquent gentleman, who decided to shoot his rifle at an old fridge packed to the brim wth Tannerite, a brand-name explosive agent commonly used in target practice. 

The fridge stands hundreds of yards away as the dude trains his firearm on it. Once he pulls the trigger, an explosion straight from Apocalypse Now starts to flare, catapulting the thing -- like a screaming death vessel -- directly at his face. While a shock, it shouldn't have been unexpected: large volumes of Tannerite are highly volatile, especially when crammed in a metallic fridge and shot with a rifle, notes Motherboard. When the footage is slowed down, it's clear just how bad this situation could have gotten: it's a mass of heavy steel and plastic careening directly at him, and it misses by literal inches. 

All the dudes in the video -- clearly intent on throwing caution and an actual refrigerator to the wind -- don't really care that their friend almost died. They're all smiles and sordid laughter, only mustering a "holy shit dude" as the smoke and rubble clears in the distance. 

Just another day in the life of an American badass. 

[h/t Digg]