Watching Wool Get Made Is Bizarrely Satisfying

Published On 03/20/2017 Published On 03/20/2017
Super Deluxe

Seeing how things are made can be surprisingly soothing. The repetitive motions, the methodical movements, the objects deconstructed into their component parts. It's awfully satisfying and often fascinating to see the weird way candy canes are produced after being made into striped sugar loafs or how butterfingers are made with confectioner's corn flakes. 

Super Deluxe is continuing that proud tradition with another video in their "Stoned Mode" series. This time they're showing how wool is dyed and manufactured. It has the same quality as when they dipped household objects in paint for "Stoned Mode."

The colors and process are vivid and entrancing. It makes you wish it would go on a little longer. They need a 10-minute director's cut version of this, slowing it down and showing more of the process. It'd be interesting even if it still doesn't actually teach anything but just focuses on the beauty of the process.

Watch the whole thing above and then check out their video on how paint is made below. It's a good companion piece to this one. 

Super Deluxe

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