Water Pipe Blows Massive Bubble Underground Before Exploding

The wonder-inducing moment a water main exploded was captured on CCTV in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev. The exploding pipe left a 64-foot crater in its wake.

The high-pressure underground water pipe used to carry scalding hot water burst on Monday. The surreal CCTV footage, shown above in slow motion, looks like the pipe was blowing a poorly considered bubble before it bursts, showering cars and buildings in a cascade of water, dirt, and concrete. After its destructive outburst, the pipe sent a river of muddy water rushing down the street.

Somehow, despite the flying debris, no injuries were reported. Though, cars and a nearby building were damaged. Broken windows and damage to the nearby building's facade can be seen in pictures from the scene of the disaster. 

The pipe was built to transport hot water to nearby housing complexes but was carrying cold water at the time of the accident, reports The Daily Mail. Officials told the publication tests were being carried out and that's why there was no hot water in the pipes, which could have burned observers. The section being tested had not been used for the last 37 years.

While the Mail's photos show one very confused local resident, no one made Kiev's equivalent of that illegal Hawaiian waterslide in the torrent unleashed by the pipe.

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