101 Ways to Cope With Stress, in Case You're Running Out of Them

101 Ways to Cope With Stress
Alina Ramirez

In case you haven't had any reminders lately life is goddamn stressful. And there aren't enough people surrounding you, reinforcing that it's ok to slow down and do something for yourself. However, that's not the case in the psychology class of Brett Phillips. 

One of his students, Alina Ramirez, a high school senior in California, shared a handout new students received from Mr. Phillips titled "101 Ways to Cope With Stress." It's a solid list of (PG) ways to relieve stress that is useful for kids aged 5-75.

The list has been spreading across the internet like wildfire. It's some wonderful reinforcement for students, but there are many denizens of the internet who would do well to print this list out and hang it over their bed.

Even if some of it gets a little weird — tell someone to have a nice day in pig Latin — there's not much chance any of this advice is pulling you in the wrong direction. That even holds true at the odd extremes, like teaching a kid how to fly a kite, because every community has a Charlie Brown.

Read through the 101 selections below, print it out, hang it on the wall, then go take a bubble bath and visualize yourself winning. It's what Mr. Phillips would do. WWMPD.

101 ways to cope with stress
Alina Ramirez
ways to cope with stress
Alina Ramirez
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