Local Weatherman Appears to Fart on Live TV, and It's Glorious

Everyone farts -- even TV weathermen, and perhaps even during a weather forecast. That's what Chris Dunn, the chief meteorologist of Mobile, Alabama's Local 15 News taught us this week, after one Alabama woman posted video of the weatherman appearing to break wind on live television.

Kristi Heller captured video of the broadcast via Snapchat during a late-night weather forecast on September 1 and posted it to YouTube the next day. "The only thing that was doctored was my notation from the Snapchat that said sounds like gas to us," Heller told Thrillist. "Other than that, it was straight from the TV."

The apparent fart was so out of the ordinary, Heller says, that she had to rewind it several times. "My husband and I were watching the news and we heard it. He looked at me and said, 'Was that what I think it was?' We rewound the live feed several times to listen to it and were hysterically laughing," Heller said.

As the clip on YouTube appears to show, he just barely attempts to conceal this particular slicing of the cheese, bending over so that his tuchus went jussssst off-camera as he ripped a little toot, accompanied by a subtle half-smile. Cue the laughter, cue the viral fame. "I saved it to my camera roll and then later decided to post it to my Facebook," Heller said. "The video then exploded with shares and views after that." Neither Dunn nor Local 15 News returned requests for comment on the video.

Per his Local 15 bio, in addition to farting on live television, Dunn has won an Emmy Award, has had more than 25 years of experience working on-air, and is also an accomplished pilot, meaning he knows a thing or two about wind. There is no recent mention of farts in his Twitter history. For the last few days, he has been dutifully tracking Hurricane Irma's progress, as any good weatherman in his market should be doing. One tweet he sent Monday morning included an emoji and is the picture of local-newsman positivity and propriety.

So giggle and guffaw away. Heller and the rest of the internet already have. Her original YouTube video has been watched well over 100,000 times and amassed several thousand comments on Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube rolling out the jokes. "I have only seen situations like this on blooper shows, so we found it extremely funny," Heller said.

She's not wrong. It is funny. It's also the single most human thing anyone on-camera can possibly do. Let 'er rip, Mr. Dunn. Have a scroll through some of the funnier reactions below.

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Eric Vilas-Boas is a writer at Thrillist and runs the animation website The Dot and Line. Follow him on Twitter: @e_vb_